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How to Stop Hair Loss: 9 Treatments That Really Work

The world of hair loss products can be daunting. We have researched the products that really seem to work and have great reviews. We have compiled a list of nine products here for you so that you can be armored with what you need to know and what you need to have to stop you losing your hair.

1. Provillus– Provillus may possibly be up there with the best hair loss treatments on the current market.It’s rates are 98% successful at stopping hair loss and 92% successful at helping grow new hair for women AND men. Many companies claim success rates, but these proven rates for Provillus are unheard of.

2. Profollica– Profollica had a very good success rate, with 72% of users stopping their hair loss and 48% growing new hair. This is still not as good as Provillus, but they are significantly higher numbers than the average product.

3. Rogaine– Rogaine has been around for a long time and a lot of people recognize the brand. It’s the largest known hair loss product on the market; one study found that Rogaine has a pretty good success rate; 60% of users reported it stopped their loss of hair and 42% reported new hair growth.

4. Nisim– Nisim is clinically proven to promote new hair growth within one week. Using herbal extracts and vitamins they guarantee results after just one week. Users report a major decrease in the loss of hair and faster hair growth after just a few weeks of use.

5. Nioxin– Nioxin has been shown to be very effective among consumers. Nioxin has a scalp and hair care series that has eight systems, each one treating a different hair type. Every kit has a shampoo, and a therapy for your scalp. You can purchase these together or separately.

6. Regenepure NT– Regenepure does not put DEA, parabens, sulfates or any other harsh chemicals in it. It uses natural, topical ingredients to control the loss of hair, such as; Lecithin, Niacin and even saw palmetto.

7. Revita– Revita shows some very good online reviews. It has materials that are specifically meant for the scalp; replenishing vitality and helping aid dysfunctioning follicles.

8. Tricomin– This is a shampoo designed to be used by women or men (some products that are for people who are losing hair are not recommended for women because they contain things that may affect hormonal balance). Tricomin uses a cleaning and volume formula with a trademark mix of three amino nutrients and copper…which gives the scalp the essential minerals, vitamins, and acids it needs.

9. Alter Ego– This is an Italian shampoo that is enriched with the extract of Capsicum to energize. It has a gentle shampoo that prepares the scalp for the energizing treatment. Users report better results if used in conjunction with other products that this company sells.

Things to consider:

There are no immediate hair loss miracles!Try not to put all of your money in products with large claims. Do not believe every ‘before and after’ you see. Read all product ingredients very carefully. Some products for hair loss can hurt your scalp.Purchase FDA approved ingredient products only.