How to repair a broken tooth?

The shallower ones don’t hurt. You can wear off the broken part and fill the resin after grinding. It is obvious that there is spontaneous pain when it reaches the dental nerve. It may be an attack of pulpitis. The dental nerve must be removed and filled tightly before installing the crown.

What should I do if my tooth is broken to the root of the tooth?

  1. This condition cannot be preserved. It must be removed. The longitudinal fissure will continue to deepen until it is divided into two halves. It will be more painful if you chew without pulling, and it may damage the tissues around the root tip. There is also a transverse fissure, which is filmed. The posterior tooth root is long, without any inflammation, and there is a residual crown. There is a chance to be implanted in the root canal after treatment. One or two post cores will restore the approximate shape of the tooth, and then the crown will be restored.
  2. If the transverse crack is under the gum, the remaining tooth root length is less than 10 mm, and there is no tooth on the gum, the restoration is basically difficult, and it also has to be extracted. The hole will heal and become flat. You can choose to insert or implant. Otherwise, the residual roots will stay there, and the gums will become inflamed, or even apical inflammation.

What are the reasons for broken teeth?

  1. If you bite hard food frequently, the tooth enamel cannot withstand the bite force, it will start to crack from the tooth enamel, and there will be traumatic impact, knocking to the tooth, not only the tooth is cracked, but also affects the root inflammation and periodontal ligament damage. , To fix the loose teeth with periodontal splints.
  2. In addition, the decayed tooth is too deep, the upper part of the tooth cannot be supported, and it falls with chewing, and after the root canal treatment, there is no source of pulp nutrition, and the tooth is brittle. Many patients did not repair it and did not have inlays. Or all-ceramic crown protection can easily lead to tooth chipping.

Therefore, if the tooth is cracked and the tooth is sore, you can apply the kin Gillan anti-allergic gel to desensitize, and go to the hospital in time, take a film to see the depth, keep it as much as possible, and try not to extract the tooth.

Denture articulator for the next step of restoration

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