How to manage ten newly opened private hospitals?

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  1. Do performance first, then do organization

The number of outpatients and inpatients is very important to private hospitals. Once you get rid of the hospital’s business philosophy and focus on organization and management, it will be a bad thing. Organization and management are actually driven by the volume of business, so do the performance first and then do the organization. Make no mistake about this sequence. The number of outpatients and the number of inpatients are the most important.

  1. Scale is important

For private hospitals, scale is important and determines status. If a hospital does not have a large scale, it is difficult to have a status. To be a hospital, it is often a fantasy to be small and complete, and it is difficult to survive in reality. Whether it’s a real hospital, as long as it can be scaled up…scale is the most important, and it will have advantages in future acquisitions and mergers.

  1. Adjust posture during development

The hospital must develop with problems during its operation for a period of time, adjust its posture during development, strengthen its physical fitness during development, and expand its scale during development to win the future. Private hospitals have a future as long as there is growth, and no growth means that a crisis is in sight. The profit margin can be lower, and maintaining the growth of the hospital is the last word.

  1. Leaders must complete the role change in a timely manner

After a certain stage of growth, management problems become prominent. At this time, the leader must complete the role change in a timely manner. How to transfer? From grasping business to grasping management, from operating patients to operating employees.

  1. To grasp management, complex things must be simplified, and the implementation must be effective

During the development of private hospitals for a long time, the problems of hospitals have become more and more prominent, and many systems cannot be implemented. At this time, the management must be simple, and the implementation must be effective.

  1. Hospital rules and organization system construction and hospital culture construction

Hospital management is simplified to do two things, one is the construction of hospital rules and organizational systems, and the other is the construction of hospital culture.

  1. Construction of salary system

Hospitals regard patients as satisfaction in operation and employees as satisfaction in management. The development process of the hospital is done by all employees. The boss is too capable and can’t do the team. It must rely on all the employees. Therefore, whether a boss can make a hospital depends not on how he views his own hospital, but on how he treats himself. Employee. By looking at his attitude towards employees, you know how far the hospital can develop.

  1. Build a team, set a strategy, and lead the team

To manage people well, we must first have a good talent operation mechanism. This talent operation mechanism can ensure that the positioning of talents in the hospital is set, and it can provide a larger and larger stage for capable young people. Second, a team is needed. It is necessary to establish a mechanism for hospital leadership to overcome the disadvantages that may be brought about by personal leadership.

  1. Standardize hospital management and improve management level

Simplify complex things, quantify simple things, streamline quantified factors, and frame streamlined factors. The four modernizations of management are used to improve the management level. At this time, it is not simply a matter of simplistic reasons. This is the construction of systematic organization and rationality.

  1. The hospital owner must have entrepreneurial spirit

At any stage of the hospital’s growth, there will be many different voices, propositions, and controversies. In this regard, some need to be resolute, some need to clearly oppose it, some need to pretend to be confused, and some need not speak, but no matter how to deal with it, you must maintain a clear mind, be able to make decisions and make choices and hospitals. choose. If the hospital owner does not have decision-making power and is not strong enough, it will be difficult for the organization to develop.

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