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Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Cooking by Susan O’Brien Review

When you want to lose weight it can be very hard to find recipes that are as nice as your mother used to make, but not quite so fattening. With 200 recipes, this book holds out a lot of promise for diabetics or people like me who want to lose weight. Now, by sugar-free it doesn’t mean that the food produced will be entirely sugar-free, merely that you don’t add unnatural sugars.

My first impressions of this book are great. It looks good, and is certainly easy to read. The instructions are, I think, also very easy to follow. As cookbooks go it is also reasonably entertaining.

The recipes cover all the main meals, and even some snacks to keep you going through the long day.

If you have to avoid certain foods because of medical conditions it is ideal. In fact, recipes are generally free of gluten, sugar and usually dairy.

I haven’t found another recipe book that is both gluten and sugar free, so it is an ideal choice of book for most dieters.

But the real question is: are the recipes easy to eat, delicious, and easy to make?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a great cook. Most of the food I made was not presented with the same flair as the pictures. But while I am not a great cook I found it easy to make most of these recipes. Although they were easy to make since I live in the countryside, sometimes some of the more unusual ingredients are hard to find (they wouldn’t be if you lived in a reasonable sized town with a health store nearby). But I was still able to make a good selection of meals.

It’s fair to say, this book contains enough variety to be able to have regular sugar-free meals without too much pain, and with a lot of gain.

It is an ideal book for a nutritionists, a dieter, or someone with medical conditions that require them to avoid certain foods.

The best thing about this book is it isn’t a weird book that you need to be worried about your health, if you use the recipes contained in this book sensibly it is obvious that you would be eating a healthy diet.

A lot of books offer healthy but boring food.

This book offers healthy and delicious meals, which are not too hard to make.

One particular section that I liked was the recipes on breads, cakes and muffins. Being able to make them healthily is a real bonus. I think you could easily live on the food in this book, which is more than the case with a lot of new age diets.

So I guess my basic review is… this is a great book.

OK, you will still have to exercise discipline and do those horrible exercises to lose weight, but at least you won’t have to eat horrible food to do it.