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Five Amazing Restaurants in Five Metropolises Around the World

Sevva in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a glamorous city which attracts both easterners and westerners. Once arriving Hong Kong, my colleague and I wanted to find out a restaurant in which we can thoroughly appreciate the sea, just like the Empire State Building of New York. In Empire State Building, you get a bird view over Manhattan. It does not remain an extravagant hope, for SEVVA, a restaurant ran by Bonnie Gokson, has already made it. It is located on the 25 floor of the Central Prince Building, viewing the HSBC Headquarters and Victoria Harbor— the best places of HK.

Entering SEVVA, you will feel exhilarated by the design of the restaurant: a piece of work by famous American fashion illustrator Gladys Perint Palmer in the entrance. Exquisite dome ceiling is designed by top lighting designer Ruth McDermott in person. Photographer Candida Hoffe’s works and contemporary art pieces from London Art Gallery make the dinning hall stand out among all the restaurants. What makes it more special is that all the dishes are created by the landlady after her experience getting from her trips and daily life. For example, home-cooked clay pot rice, dishes by servants and cakes with a new taste by friends. The menu is full of all kinds of dishes, and you will be dazzled. The menu is like the city which is a melting pot of eastern and western culture. Food from other countries is the French Lobster Roll, cinnamon apple, fresh crab meat with scallion, and the Indian dosas. This restaurant is situated in one of the most bustling cities in the world, while it makes people from all over the world feel at home.

Zense in Bangkok

It is reasonable to say that Bangkok is the cheapest shopping center in the world. It was a planned thing to go shopping in the biggest shopping center of south eastern Asia. However, a surprise came when I went to enjoy the delicacies of Zense. Zense is situated in Zen- a department store.

It was a discount season, so before I noticed my poor stomach, I had bought a lot of stuff for a long time. Thinking of an introduction of Zense in a magazine, I decided to have a meal in this top fashion restaurant on the 17 floor of Zen. I can appreciate my newly bought things by the way. Standing in the oval balcony, I was stunned by the sunset before my eyes. This restaurant is designed by a top Thailand architect. It costs more than 4 million dollars. The designer is aspirated by 4 natural elements- soil, water, air, fire. The restaurant is equipped with 5 kitchens, which provide different dishes. The White Cafe provides the Thailand cuisine, Gianni the Italian cuisine, Kikusui Japanese cuisine, Red the Indian cuisine, and Zense Patisserie desserts.

While in Thailand, do as the Thai people do. Therefore I choose to eat a bowl of Thailand rice with a mackerel. Besides, I ordered a famous dish of White-Cafe – a salmon. When music was on, everybody danced in the fascinating night of Bangkok.

The View in America

Sitting in a revolving restaurant on the 47 floor of Marriott Hotel on Time Square, I realize that the city can provide a dream for everyone.

Fortunately we booked the seats two months ago, so we are able to sit by window. The name of the restaurant is View, and it provides customers with the best view over New York. Besides the famous skyscrapers, there are sunset of Hudson, colorful lights from Broadway, and dazzling lights of faraway New Jersey. Looking down, you can see pedestrians and cars on the Avenue moving in an orderly way. This picture leaps into your eyes and make you see a vivid New York.

The dishes bear the characteristics of the style of New York- French Fried Foie Gras, the Russian Caviar, the Japanese Sushi, and the Thai Curry. You will feel hungry at the sight of the menu. At night, you can order a cocktail called Cosmopolitan in bar. Revolving with restaurant, you get to know 100-year- old Manhattan better. It is a precious moment in my life, a moment when American dream came true.

Allalin in Switzerland

Sass Fee is a well-known scenic spot for skiing, where the snow mountain Allalin is most popular. Here hides the highest revolving restaurant Allalin in the world- 3462 meters above sea level.

Sitting in the restaurant, you are surrounded by endless Alps Mountain dancing in the sky. It seems that glaciers are within your reach. People with snowboards are walking to this small warm place. The corridors of this restaurant are decorated with pictures of Alps adventures. Then my eyes are caught by a scene: a man and woman joined hand, walking together towards the vast and obscure snow mountain. It is the spirit of the Swiss— neither servile nor overbearing. This world-class restaurant is not used as a gimmick to attract tourists, but opens its arms to all quietly.

In Switzerland, the Wallis is known for wine. I ordered local white wine, produced in the highest vineyard of Europe. I also ordered macaroni as staple food. They tasted great. Restaurant provided a bowl of apple sauce to pour on the Italian noodles. It is a traditional way of eating Italian noodles for people who live in the mountainous region of German-speaking areas in Swiss. Besides I tried a local soup which is abundant in materials such as potatoes, carrots, ham, tomatoes, rice, preserved meat, cheese and so on. There was white snow outside, while people in the restaurant were warm. It made the Alps a warm place for me.

Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne

I always think that tram is a means of transportation full of warmth. Many tracks slowed down citizens’ paces. In Melbourne, we have a tram restaurant for you to tour while having your meal. First built in 1927, it received many awards to day. It has been awarded as the most popular touring restaurant of Victoria State for 7 times and 11 times of Australia. Many couples flied thousand miles only to have a date in the tram restaurant.

The moving luxurious dining hall has a romantic style and nostalgic atmosphere. Exquisite Persian carpet, a long burgundy velvet cushions, golden tassel hanging down from the velvet lamp shade— the fashion 100 years ago is still attractive in the restaurant today. There is a chef in every carriage, and they cook delicious food in the small space as if performing magic. The appetizer is some biscuits with foie gras. The pink foie gras is applied on salty biscuits and the beige foie gras on the sweet biscuits. It is said to be French.

The old tram is riding slowly in the drizzle. Pedestrians, cars and western architecture form a picture before my eyes. It gradually becomes an old photo moving far away. The song Come into My World by Australian superstar Kylie Minogue is playing, and I should feel the world I am in now with a peaceful mind.