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Diet Tips – 5 Diet Myths to Avoid

When you want to lose weight, fast, it can be tempting to opt for diet techniques that frankly sound too good to be true – and they are. Here are 5 of the most common diet scams to avoid at all costs!

1. Diet pills.
The truth is that if something says it will make you lose weight rapidly, it’s a scam. Healthy weight loss requires hard work, will-power and a healthy nutrition plan. No matter what weight loss pills may promise, do not consume them. Not only will you be wasting your money if you buy into diet pill fads, but you could also be in taking some harmful chemicals. Diet pills can often results in side effects such as: nervousness, high blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, intestinal problems and menstrual cycle disturbance (not to mention many others).

2. Hollywood diets.
If you want to look your best it’s easy to aspire to celebrities, but try and keep your mind focused on reality if you find yourself leaning towards a Hollywood diet. A-list stars have people on hand to make them look fabulous 24/7 and every photo you see will include elements of make-up magic, lighting trickery or even Photoshop. Don’t be tempted to follow a “celebrity diet”, remember you can’t believe everything you read and even if the “Cabbage soup” diet is real, it will be: a) disgusting b) sure to rid you of a healthy glow and c) usually undertaken alongside strenuous celebrity training regimes!

3. Weight loss programs with high start-up fees.
If the cost of joining a weight loss program seems excessive, then it probably is. High start-up fees should be a warning sign for any weight loss solutions that you should steer clear immediately. It doesn’t have to cost you anything to lose weight, exercise is a completely free activity, and though you may choose to take out a gym membership it’s not essential. Plus, enjoying a balanced diet which includes simple, healthy recipes will be more enjoyable than any restrictive weight loss program.

4. Diet Patches.
Unlike nicotine patches, diet patches have no proven medical effect and are therefore completely pointless! Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve already tried diet patches – it’s understandable to want to try just about anything to shed your extra pounds, but don’t re-purchase, diet patches will not help you lose weight.

5. “Super” exercise equipment.
Another commonly fallen for scam is that of the “super” exercise equipment. Whilst strict fitness routines and regular exercises can defiantly aid weight loss, those trainer and exercise devices advertised especially for weight loss are one’s to be wary of. Many of these devices use unfounded claims in their advertising, save your money and invest in a personal trainer instead.