Denials, Lies, And Being Tired, Don’t Make The Pandemic Go – Away!

Every day, it seems, there’s another article, or report, stating many, around the world, are suffering from Pandemic Fatigue! After, so many months, it is natural, many would be sick – and – tired, of living with the public health restrictions, but, shouldn’t common sense, tell us, it’s better to feel that way, than to become, ill, and/ or, worse? In the United States, where, with less than 5% of the world’s population, we have suffered, with over 20% of, both, the cases, as well as pandemic – related, fatalities, different states and regions, have approached, this situation, differently. In other nations, there has been a national policy, regarding, restrictions, wearing masks, and, overall, public health policy, but, in this country, we have witnessed, no national policy, but, rather, different approaches/ philosophies. While, some of this, occurs, because of partisan politics, and/ or, following the so – called, lead, or perspective/ agenda, of President Trump, to some degree, some Americans have bought – into, the constant denials, lies, and being tired, and have minimized the dangers, risks, ramifications, etc, of this horrific virus. However, the reality is, these factors, do not make the pandemic, go – away! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 aspects, involved, etc.

1. Trump’s denials, and statements/ rhetoric, etc: From the onset, it seems, President Trump, has, either minimized, denied, or believed, this virus, would go – away, and, his approach, would benefit him, and his agenda! What kind of example, does it set, when the leader, of the free world, minimizes the risks, refuses to wear a mask, and states, he knows more than the public health professionals/ experts?

2. Public health/ life, versus, populist rhetoric: How can anyone, try to appeal, to evangelists, and, those, stating, they believe in protecting the sanctity of life, while, articulating, a message, minimizing the risks, and proclaiming, the economic costs, of closing, etc, out – weigh, the health issues? After, over 8 million cases, and about 230, 000 desks, one might think, people, would realize, it is our social/ personal responsibility, and common sense, to wear a mask, use social distancing/ spacing, and exhibit social responsibility!

3. Common/ greater good, or. self – interest/ impatience: While, after so long, a degree of impatience, is understandable, shouldn’t respect for the greater good, outweigh, perceived, self – interest?

4. Burying your head, in the sand: When, we try to, bury – your – head, in the sand, it doesn’t make, the pandemic, disappear! Personally, I have more faith, in the advice, of the public health experts/ scientists, than in any politician, especially, one, whose narrative, seems to be, ever – changing!

5. Tired of the inconvenience: How often, have we heard, some, complain about the inconveniences, at stating, it’s time, to start living, our lives, again? It’s understandable, business people, most adversely affected, would show this attitude, but, around the world, and in this nation, we have already witnessed, when the reopening policy, is based on emotion, and economics, rather than public health, another surge, occurs!

While, no one, should blame this President, for the onset of the virus, he should be held responsible for his response, or lack of any viable strategy, from the onset! We have seen studies, indicating, we have witnessed far – more, cases, and deaths, than we would have, if public health experts’ advice, was followed, instead of politics, etc!

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