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Carrot Juice and Macular Degeneration

Carrot juice can be used as a nutritional aid for macular degeneration, which is the number one cause of vision loss in the elderly. Freshly juiced from your own juicer, carrot juice is deliciously sweet and provides many valuable nutrients to optimize eye health.

Macula means spot, which in the case of macular degeneration, refers to the spot on the retina. The retina is at risk when there is a lack of antioxidants in the diet, causing premature aging and deterioration. Consuming generous amounts of the body’s protective antioxidants, namely vitamins C and E, the carotenes, and small amounts of the mineral, selenium, will help protect your sight. Carrot juice is abundant in these antioxidants.

Fresh carrot juice contains more available antioxidants in the form of alpha and beta-carotene than raw carrots. Carrot juice is more easily digested than having to consume vast quantities of vegetables. Beta-carotene is converted to natural vitamin A in the body, which is a well-known contributor for eye care.

Many of the diseases associated with the aging process appear to be caused by compounds called free radicals. Free radicals are involved in many processes in the body including blood vessel function and fighting infection. If the body is not functioning properly, unchecked free radicals can cause damage. Free radicals can cause damage to the lens of the eye, leading to cataracts and to the macula at the rear of the eye, causing age-related macular degeneration.

An increase in age is of much greater value if there is freedom from pain and disability such as macular degeneration. Aging affects lifestyle and impacts on nutritional needs. Lower energy demands require less food. Seniors therefore need to ensure that foods consumed are nutrient dense to maintain satisfactory nutrient intake.

Those who consume large amounts of fresh vegetables and juices such as carrot have decreased risk of degenerative diseases associated with aging, such as cataract and age-related macular degeneration.

Research is proving that macular degeneration can be very responsive to nutritional supplementation. A large research study from Harvard showed that even supplementing with 6mg of lutein per day could reduce your likelihood of getting macular degeneration by 57%.

Carrot juice from yellow carrots contains xanthophylls and lutein, which help to develop healthy eyes and assist in the fight against macular degeneration. Red carrots contain lycopene, which is associated with the reduced risk of macular degeneration.

Implementing changes to diet and lifestyle will be a major benefit to optic health and extending a healthy quality of life. Introducing antioxidant rich foods into the diet, such as carrot juice can go along way to reducing the risk of macular degeneration.