Can teeth be filled with severe tooth defects?

This kind of tooth filling is difficult, the remaining tooth volume is small, it is unable to support the resin material, and it is easy to face off. If there is a residual tooth surface, it can also be used for inlay restoration, directly embedded and bonded, without grinding. Tooth enamel, the defect is more than half, it is recommended to repair the full crown, after all, the brittleness of the tooth after the root canal is increased, and the crown is to protect the tooth, otherwise, it will break and crack for a long time.

To what extent can the tooth defect be filled?

  1. Generally, like shallow caries, the bacteria only damage the tooth enamel and form black lines in the pits and fissures. This can be directly filled with composite resin after grinding and simply filling the teeth. The process will not be painful, but if the caries is moderate, The dentin layer can also be filled and closed off the dentin tubules to avoid tooth soreness. It can also be used with kin Gillan anti-allergic toothpaste for desensitization.
  2. For deep caries, the closer you are to the tooth nerve, the pulp may penetrate when the corrupted tooth is abraded. Once the pulp is still congested and there is no spontaneous pain, you can still apply medicine to reduce inflammation. Observe for a period of time. Without inflammation, teeth can be filled without root canal treatment.

What should I do if the defect is severe and only the broken root remains?

  1. After filming, the root of the tooth is longer, and there is no inflammation in the root, and the tooth is higher than the gum, it can still be retained. Although it looks badly rotted, it has therapeutic significance. After removing the diseased pulp and passing through the root canal, Then fix the fiber posts, and finally install the crowns. Of course, titanium alloy posts can also be used, depending on whether the anterior teeth or the posterior teeth.
  2. If the root of the tooth is rotten into the gum flesh, it is more than 3mm, and there are some oral ulcers, this kind of helplessness can only be removed, otherwise the ulcer will recur, and after the pulp necrosis, it will also cause apical inflammation, and even grow the gums. The pustules are dragged, the infection spreads and deteriorates into apical cysts.

If the tooth defect is large, it cannot be repaired. It depends on the size of the tooth. If the crown is made, it can be used for at least 10 years.

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