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Can Eating Breakfast Cereals and Oatmeal Help You to Conceive a Boy Or a Girl Baby?

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who told me that she had heard that eating oatmeal and other cereals would make a difference as to whether she had a boy or a girl baby, but she did not know which gender this favored. There are many factors that go into gender selection. Foods are only one of them. But, alone, the variable of eating many breakfast foods like cereals oatmeal would slightly favor a boy baby. However, as this is just one small variable when more can come into play, it’s unlikely that consuming one food is going to be the deciding factor of your baby’s gender. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Why Breakfast Foods And Alkaline Foods (Like Oatmeal) Are Said To Favor Baby Boys: There actually is an English study which indicated that women who ate more calories and more breakfast foods (particularly cereal) were slightly more likely to conceive boys. The word “slightly” in that last sentence is very important. Specifically, women in the study who ate more calories were 56% more likely to get a boy, compared to the 45% who got girls. And, women who ate more than two bowls of breakfast cereals per day, were more likely to have boys (59%.) So, these things give you a bit of an edge, but the statistics here are not overwhelming.

Another criteria I feel that I need to bring up is that oatmeal is a food that is alkaline. Most grains (like oats, rice, quinoa, etc.) will help your body to become more alkaline and less acidic. And an alkaline body and reproductive tract is another thing that favors boys. This is because the Y sperm that produces boys does not do too well or survive for too long in an acidic environment. With that said, oatmeal is just one acidic food and since you should have a varied and complete diet when you’re trying to become pregnant, you should incorporate a wide variety of alkaline foods if a boy is your goal.

Other Things That Can Affect Whether You Have A Boy And A Girl: Foods and your diet are one variable that you can control, but this is not the only thing that you can look at. Don’t get me wrong. Diet and nutrition is important, but if this is the only thing that you’re addressing, you’re potentially falling short.

You can and should also address the timing that you use. By this, I mean that when you conceive in relation to when you ovulate is also equally as important. Remember those boy producing Y’s who had difficulty with acid? They also have difficulty with longevity, meaning they don’t live as long. So, if you want a girl baby, you can exploit this by conceiving before ovulation. If you want a boy, you’ll want to wait until this day has passed.

The final criteria that you can control to your own benefit is the intercourse positions that you use. Now, remember that you only want to use these on the day(s) in which your PH and your timing are correct. But, on the right days, if you use shallow penetration, you’ll make things more favorable to the sperm that produces female babies. And if you use deeper penetration, you’ll give the boy producing sperm the little extra boost that they often need to overcome their vulnerabilities to time and acid.