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Before Abraham Wrote About The Law Of Attraction, Seth Told Us That We Create Our Own Reality!

Many people today read the Abraham books, channeled by Esther Hicks. These books present a very concise and inspiring look at the Law of Attraction, which Abraham calls the most powerful law in the universe. The Abraham books, however, acknowledge that this message is not new, though they are, arguably, bringing it to more people than ever before.

In the introduction to Abraham’s book, The Law of Attraction, Esther’s husband and co-author, Jerry, speaks of having read Seth before Esther began channeling. Seth is credited with coining the famous new age phrase, “You Create Your Own Reality.”

While that phrase became a popular one and is easy to say, much of the material in the Seth books is actually quite complicated, especially compared to the breezy, conversational style of the Abraham books. The best known Seth books are Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality, but Jane Roberts put out at least a half dozen others. These are meticulously transcribed by Jane’s husband Rob (it seems channelers require a supportive spouse!), with dates and times of every statement put down in the books.

The very exhaustive nature of the Seth books, along with the fact that the Roberts’ never traveled around the world giving seminars -they actually never moved from their home in Central New York- seems to make it highly unlikely that there was any financial motive for the work. This was before the new age movement was sparked in the 1980s, largely by Shirley Maclaine. This is not to criticize those who do give seminars, such as the Hicks’, but only to say that the simple lifestyle of the Roberts’ (Jane died several years ago) seems to support their sincerity.

The Seth material is, frankly, too detailed and dense to be very popular. Even I, who devoured it for a few years, have come to prefer the direct and simple style of Abraham. Yet you have to credit Seth with putting out some extremely interesting information (or theories if you prefer). This mainly revolves around reincarnation, probably selves and, naturally, reality creation.

According to Seth, all of our lives are happening at once, since time as we understand it is only a mental construct. In addition to this, we have many “probable selves” living out “probable realities” in alternate dimensions. This means that each of us has infinite possibilities that are all being lived out in some world or another. Some academic philosophers, approaching the issue from a very different point of view, have come up with a similar theory, called possible worlds.

Another powerful phrase that Seth came up with is, “The Present is the Point of Power.” Again, simple enough, but it means something quite important. The present is the only “time” that is real, so it’s the only place where we have any real power. So the point of the Seth material is not to remember your past lives (which were not in the past anyway!) but to realize your own power in the present, where all of your various selves can be accessed and united.

The Seth books, especially The Nature of Personal Power is an excellent addition to any self-improvement or law of attraction library. It is especially good for people who like detailed and scientific explanations for everything, as opposed to just being told how things are. The latter will probably prefer the Abraham books. If you are somewhere in the middle, as I am, you may like both. Seth also gives a very comprehensive explanation of how reincarnation works, for those interested in that.