Alignment Lasers

Alignment lasers are making breakthroughs in almost every type of industry. They are used regularly in everything from aerospace and aircraft to mining. The pulp and paper industry, rubber and plastics and shipbuilding, electronics, food and packaging, metals, even the military and medical industries use alignment lasers for precision and to advance the accuracy of their fields.

In manufacturing, alignment lasers are used to help machinery keep in tune and to automatically realign equipment so that the production line can operate more smoothly and efficiently. Less manpower is taken up in service and maintenance of machinery and the production line can continue to operate constantly rather than have the need to be shut down for realignment tasks performed by staff. Alignment lasers are used in manufacturing to help with installation of machines, adjusting indexers, presses and shears, checking drive systems and aligning shafts, aligning and correcting gearboxes and bearing assemblies as well as many other cost effective and product enhancing tasks.

In the construction industry alignment lasers have been common place since the 1960’s. Most construction companies use them for everything from building sky scrapers to performing excavation projects. The most often used alignment lasers in construction are for the purpose of leveling. A beam of light is projected to create lines allowing floors to be poured or laid evenly, walls to be constructed with incredible precision and make sure that everything is measured and cut exactly to the specified requirements. Heavy equipment operators use alignment lasers on a daily basis to check on their work and to ensure that they are accurately performing the job requested of them. It allows for accuracy that would never be possible without using them.

Alignment lasers can also provide data about the job that is being planned and about to be executed as well as provide important information about the functioning abilities of the equipment that is going to be used in the project. They can increase the speed of machinery and reduce the vibrations and errors that occur without having alignment lasers to make the necessary corrections and fix the problems that occur from the every day wear and tear that happens to equipment that is being used. They can help with inspections of equipment, structures, and specifications needed to finish a project and to fix equipment being used.

Alignment lasers have also become a critical part of the medical field, especially in areas such as radiation therapy, x ray technology and other high tech medical testing. These lasers allow for pinpoint accuracy when diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer. They are used to align patient tables to the precise location needed, for positioning and installing scanner equipment and making the most accurate measurements of moving assemblies and the other medical devices that can provide vital information on a patients health, prognosis and progress in treatment.

Machine tools use lasers constantly to align lathes and machining spindles, measure run out on x,y and z axes, for setting guides for parallel travel and for adjusting steady rests and bar feeders. They are important in ensuring that all equipment and tools are at the correct calibration and that the very best accuracy can be achieved with each maneuver.

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