A Review of the Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop Income Opportunity

Launched in the spring of 2004 by founder Dina Amico-Kriescher, the Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop was created as an income opportunity with children’s birthday parties in mind. The company offers earning potential to its independent representatives, who are known as crew members, by selling their exclusive line of collectibles at gatherings in various settings.

Noah’s Ark Collectibles are sold by representatives at parties or gatherings in the home known as Home Workshops, or at Group Workshops that are usually held in places such as child daycare centers, schools, libraries, or through other organizations and programs that are geared toward children. The company also features a line of products that are sold through Huggable Home Party presentations for adults.

In addition to the unstuffed plush animals with their many outfits and coordinating accessories that are available through the Stuff-N-Fluff Workshops catalog, crew members may choose to sell the company’s line of cosmetics especially designed for girls.

Introduced in 2006 through their Bella Bee Workshops, girl’s cosmetics and body products are sold instead of the plush animals and accessories. Other products that representative may also choose to sell include the newly introduced Noah Baby Collectibles through the company’s Collectors Club.

Crew members may choose from two different earning opportunities referred to as either a Personal Business, or a Leadership Business, although some representatives choose to do both simultaneously.

With the Personal Business option, Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop representatives earn money by booking and conducting workshops where they present products and act as the party’s host. Besides scheduling and conducting workshops, the Leadership Business option will also require representatives to recruit or bring on other members who can also begin their own businesses to increase earnings.

Leadership Business representatives will then receive a part of their team’s total sales in the form of commission checks, with those percentages increasing as the downline lengthens up to 10% for each team member. This option is best suited for those who plan on expanding their business by recruiting many new crew members who will then also recruit other representatives.

The average gathering through the Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop generally lasts about an hour with an average total of 20 children, and representatives have the potential to earn 35% to 45% in personal sales, depending on the total amount sold.

Members must order products from the company at wholesale prices, and then resell to their customers at retail prices during the Noah’s Ark Animal Workshops, but aren’t required to carry a traditional inventory.

New crew members receive team support from other existing members when conducting their first workshops, as well as having the option of attending conventions and training events held by the company.

The starter kit that new representatives must purchase for $129 after completing a membership application contains training materials featuring three CDs outlining how to market and book Stuff-N-Fluff Workshops, as well as how to conduct the Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop gatherings.

Also included in the starter kit are three unstuffed plush animals with three outfits, business supplies such as catalogs, reservation postcards, promotion postcards, flyers, recruiting brochures, a member’s handbook, four Bella Bee Glitter Glam products and workshop supplies.

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